Mentors – How do you get a good one?

It is said that every successful person in business has a mentor. Someone they look up to and whose advice has proved invaluable in making progress in the business world.

How can you find a good mentor? Here are some tips that will help you.

Firstly meet with people in business and not necessarily those that are in the same type of business as you. Business experience can be carried across from one type of business to another. It would be good to attend business networking events, trade shows, and so on to meet with such people. The Internet is a great way to meet up with people and Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter can all be useful tools for making contacts with people that can help you.

When you meet someone that you get on well with talk to them about your business, if they show a genuine interest and give you advice they are already becoming a mentor. Be honest with them and ask them from early on in your relationship if they would answer questions that you have as you look upon them as an expert in their field.

Most successful people are more than willing to help others succeed without charge for small amounts of time. Of course if you want a detailed assessment of your business you can offer to pay and leave it to your mentor whether or not they charge you for their time.

Don’t limit yourself to one mentor. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there so tap into it. There is much to be learned from many rather than a few.

As you grow in your business “know how” please make sure that you too are prepared to mentor someone. The cycle of each other helping really does go a long way in business. People who mentor others are looked up to and their stature in business grows because of it.

I mentioned earlier the use of Social media to meet up with people. If you would like to take advantage of Twitter in finding good contacts and in promoting your business please follow this link.

So don’t delay get out there and find a good mentor!


One thought on “Mentors – How do you get a good one?

  1. Having a mentor has been a crucial point in the development of my business over the past year. Working on your own means there is no-one sat opposite you to bounce ideas with.
    This website has been a great help along with Twitter. I also find Business Link to be extremely helpful.

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