Money – a by-product of Business

When people take an interest in starting a business they do so for a number of reasons.

I have made a list of some of the possible reasons here and maybe you could think of more.

Necessity – following redundancy and not able to get another job.

  • Freedom – bored with the corporate lifestyle and want to be able to make own decisions.
  • Work from home – would like to spend more time at home and not have to commute for work that could be done from home.
  • Money – the opportunity to earn more money.
  • Satisfaction – the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes from running your own business.
  • Passion – When a person has a real passion for something to be able to make a business out of that passion can be really fulfilling.
  • Time Control – where there is a need to work at certain times so that family or other responsibilities can be carried out.

It is interesting to note that when you speak to many business people money was not initially the driving force why they started their own business. Money has become a by-product of what they do.

You will more likely succeed when the determination to run your own business is not purely money motivated.

Have you started your own business? Why did you?
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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


3 thoughts on “Money – a by-product of Business

  1. Most SME owners I know break into three groups.

    1 Desperate for sales need to keep the company goings – its the bread & butter
    2 Have a business to give them the lifestyle they wish (rarely extravagant)
    3 Have to work in their own business because they won’t want to be employed in someone else’s.

    None of the above are strictly money only for monies sake!


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