Motivating Call Centre Staff

As obvious as it may sound, the key to motivation is to keep things fresh.

Any job, however much you enjoy it, can become monotonous. Unfortunately, this is doubly true for the call centre environment.

Look at it like this, in a reasonable sized call centre or telesales operation you will have a mix of people of all shapes and sizes, cultures, opinions and personalities and as the one in charge you have to keep all of them focussed on the job at hand and performing at their best.

Different things will have a different affect on different people – just to complicate matters.

Regular, effective and relevant training is massively important. If you want them to perform properly then you have to give them the tools to do so. Training is always good, it keeps people up to date and often gives them a much needed break from the phone. It’s also a great way to judge how individuals are coping with their role.

You need to make sure that the environment they are working in is conducive to good performance. Everyone likes to work somewhere nice, clean carpets, working computers and phones, a couple of nice plants I’m sure you get the idea.

If you can add to this a team that feels that they belong and at the very least can have their say, you shouldn’t go far wrong, empowerment is a wonderful tool.

Lastly, but by no means least, a good reward scheme is a great motivator, especially if your team are conducting outbound calls. Human nature dictates that no matter what job you do we all like to be rewarded or praised for doing it well. Sales people live by that, generally because the better they do the more money they get.

In a nutshell, train them properly, make the place look nice, ask their opinion and reward them when they do well.

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This article has been written by Stuart Pearce of PRG Solutions


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