Musical Chairs – a business lesson

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a game often played at parties by both children and adults alike. Perhaps you have played this game?

A row of chairs is lined up with chairs alternating in the direction they face. Music is played and the competitors walk in the same direction around the chairs. There is one chair less than the number of players. The music is paused and the competitors have to find a chair to sit on with the one not getting a seat being eliminated from the game. A chair is then removed and the music starts again. The game continues until only one person is left and declared the winner.

Musical Chairs and Business

Perhaps we can liken this in business. That often there are times that there are enough customers to go around. Someone is going to get eliminated by the competition. Yes every business is fighting to keep going and hoping that they will beat the competition. In musical chairs we know for certain that each round someone will get eliminated. In business there can be many reasons for failure. Unlike musical chairs business is not a game. We can’t afford to lose.

Don’t get eliminated in this game of musical chairs!

It takes a lot of effort to stay ahead of the competition and anyone in business will tell you that they have to constantly monitor their performance and the way that they differentiate themselves to be better than the competition.

Don’t leave it to chance to stay in business as though it is merely a game like musical chairs.



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