Networking in Bath

Business networking is a tried and trusted method to use to grow your business. Here is what happened at a meeting on October 10th 2013 in Bath UK. Roland Millward relates how networking works for him and can work for you too.

Networking in Bath

Roland Millward Networking Bath
Roland Millward

I have been a member of a national UK business network 4Networking since December 2009. This has proven to be a real asset to my business and also to me personally. It has enabled me to meet some really good people and form business and personal friendships as a result.

Networking allows you to get to know people and form an opinion as to whether you wish to do business or not. It creates valuable contacts and brings in leads for new customers and helps to find good suppliers.

To succeed at networking you need to join a group that you feel comfortable with and is well run. You will find that you need to be a regular networker to get good results. It takes time to build trust and become known by others and likewise for you to get to know them. Always remember Meet – Like – Know – Trust, the core principle of networking.

It is also vital to follow up on meetings and keep in touch with those that show an interest in your business. You really don’t want to leave getting business to chance. All of us can forget things and you might spark an idea in someone for the need for your product. If you don’t follow up and then next week someone else they know offers the same product your spark can be ignited and someone else gets the benefit. By following up you strengthen the bond so that you get the order and not your competitor.

Networking Bath – Something to learn

I always learn something new or refresh memories of something forgotten when I go networking. At 4Networking each meeting has a speaker and today we had a really good presentation by Steve Medd of The Winning Formula about  creating the right culture in our business. In addition to presentations like this I learn from the conversations that I have with others.

Networking Bath – help others

Networking really comes into its own when you help others. By passing on leads those recipients will want to be helpful to you too. There is the human principle of reciprocity, the need to return a favour. The more you give out the more will come back to you, a basic principle I know but one that does work and is easily forgotten in our fast paced world. The more contacts you build (your network) and work to build trust the more successful you will become.

If you are not networking or maybe only a little do take time to embrace it fully. 4Networking is a great place to start whether it is networking in Bath or any other place you will enjoy it and develop skills that will help you in your business.


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