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Offline Marketing for your business

Offline Marketing


Offline marketing is not dead! Many people feel that with the Internet now being so widely available that the only way to market and find customers is online. This is not true and business owners should not cast aside offline marketing as something outdated.

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Why use Offline Marketing

Most of the business done around the world is offline and will continue to be done that way for a very long time. Even 100% online businesses will need some kind of offline services. Your local shop, plumber, electrician and so on may get some business from online sources but much of it will be from recommendations, existing customers and even the literally shop window or passing trade for some.

Offline marketing like leaflet drops, mail outs, newspaper advertising, local directories, door knocking, telephone calling, posters, radio and TV ads all work to a greater or lesser degree depending on how they are carried out and the budget allowed.

When people receive a letter from a business they are likely at least to open and read it unlike perhaps an email that can be easily deleted, skimmed over for later use and forgotten or even ends up in the junk folder and not seen. There is an excellent response rate for letters targeted to individuals needs either from your own list of customers or a purchased and targeted list. Leaflet drops can be highly targeted and make an effective offline marketing campaign for smaller businesses.

Offline Marketing – your future

Rather than think about offline marketing as something from the past think in terms of the future. What can you do to benefit more from offline marketing?



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