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Are you looking for extra targeted traffic to your website?

Have you tried pay per click? There are a number of pay per click scheme with Google being the largest supplier of pay per click advertising.

As the name suggests you only pay for adverts where a potential customers clicks on the link to your website. Your advertisement will be displayed on Google in the sponsored section at either the top of the page or in the right hand column. Where it appears will depend on the amount you are bidding and the relative performance of your advert. The highest bids will therefore generally be on page one then dropping down the pages with lower bids. Google does have a system in place so that lower bids can be placed higher where the advert is getting a higher response from customers.

Google Sponsored Search
The top 3 results are all sponsored ads

You will notice in the picture above the View Keywords box. This is because I use a piece of software in Firefox called PPC Web Spy which tells me the keywords that the advertiser is bidding on and the cost. Get your copy here for free, and watch a free video explaining how PPC Web Spy works it will put you ahead of the competition. Make sure that you have downloaded the free Firefox web browser (a really good browser!)

Your advert or banner could also appear on other websites where those websites allow Google Ads to appear. This can be good as your adverts will appear on websites and pages where your keywords are relevant. For example if there is a blog about fishing and you are promoting fishing rods your ad could be displayed on the relevant page discussing fishing rods and will be potentially more effective as a result of the readership.

Some keywords can cost a lot of money per click whilst others are merely pennies. You will need to study carefully which keywords are best for you and the campaign that you are running. You can set a daily budget for each campaign that you are running so that costs do not spiral out of control. Google calls its pay per click scheme Adwords and for companies that want to promote Google ads on their websites that scheme is called Adsense.

You will find a series of videos by Google that will help you to understand how to set up a keyword campaign and bid for the keywords of your choice.

There are other schemes such as those on Yahoo that you may also want to research and use to promote your business.

Pay per click is very quick to set up and within a few minutes you can be getting traffic to your website.

Don’t rush into pay per click take you time to understand it and therefore avoid any costly mistakes. Here is a book that will help you to learn fast. Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies

Have you used pay per click? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


7 thoughts on “Pay per Click Advertising

  1. Quite often small business can get drawn in to pay per click as a blanket method of advertising. This can be a big drain on resources with little measurable return. It’s a bit like paying for billboard advertising to advertise your brand.

    What we normally recommend is to treat any pay per click advertising as a campaign that you can ring-fence against a particular offer. That way you have a measure of how much you have spent and how much you have gained from that discrete campaign.

    Google ad-words has extra tools that you can integrate with shopping cart software that will show your cost benefit analysis within your Google Analytics account.

    Facebook advertising is also worth considering if you think your product or service can be targetted towards Facebook users.

  2. Maybe someone here can help as PPC Web Spy forums does not clarify this:
    I get this error:

    There are no known keywords for this website. There are 2 potential reasons for this:

    1. This website may have not been advertising for a period of 45 consecutive days. It takes our crawlers 30-45 days to get through our list of 2 billion known keywords and collect data.
    2. This website may be bidding on very obscure keywords that are not listed in our 2 billion keyword list.


    1. Select another website, as websites advertising for at least 45 days are more likely the profitable websites.
    2. Try this website again at a later date.

    * Please also keep in mind that PPC Web Spy will work for and only.

  3. Hi Nico. It is as it says. The advertiser using the Google Adwords has not been advertising long enough for the system to pick them up or the keywords are so obscure as not to worth logging. Also don’t click to quickly between searches. When you get the results for one wait a few moments before using again.

  4. Thanks Roland,
    I am afraid it does this for ALL our competitors, and for all the industries I am looking at!

    I can find plenty of Keywords in other industries.


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