Position Yourself as an Expert

Successful people are regarded as experts in their field.

We could therefore say that to be successful you need to be an expert. So how can you position yourself as an expert?

You are an Expert!

The first way that you may think of is simply to be good at what you do! Your customers will recognize in your work that you understand your trade and have the necessary skills. A skilled builder, plumber, web designer or lawyer will be recognized by their customers by the way in which they work. This will bring you repeat business from your customers and referrals.

However that’s fine for when you have those customers. How though can you position yourself as an expert with people who have not seen your work and do not yet know you? These are the people that you want to become your customers.

Traditional advertising may attract attention but simply telling people that you are an expert does not mean that much as many people have found out. There a number of ways that you can position yourself as an expert and these are the main methods that are used.


Attend networking events and get to know other business people. Give freely of your time so that those attending get to know you and learn about you and your business. It will soon become evident that you know your subject well and can be recognized as an expert. You should also network using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to let the world know what you do and for others to get to know you.

Comment on forums

Find forums where people are looking for answers and information about your specialism. Comment on those forums and be helpful to the users. After a while people using those forums will begin to recognize you as an expert and this will raise your profile in their eyes.

Blog about your expertise

Blogging is a tremendous way to talk about your field and provide information that shows you are an expert. Try to create posts regularly so that readers come to expect fresh information and will become regular readers of your blog. Your expertise will shine through and when your readers need help they will know who they can trust and employ.

Article writing

You can write articles not just for your own blog but other websites and article websites such as Ezine and Factoidz. It would also be worthwhile submitting articles for publication to magazines and newspapers. You own local newspaper may welcome having a source of articles that their readers would be interested in. You may even get a write up about you!

Public speaking

Be prepared to speak about your business and field of expertise at events such as networking groups, schools, associations, trade shows etc. Those hearing you speak will automatically place you as an expert in your field or otherwise you would not be speaking to them. Time, effort and money spent on learning public speaking skills is well spent.

Radio shows

Radio stations often have discussion and news programs and if you become known to them about your specialism you may well get a call to be interviewed or take part in a discussion program.

Invest in yourself – stay on top

Make sure that you spend time keeping up with new developments and honing your skills. We live in a fast moving world and some skills are changing rapidly with new technology. Would you want a repair man to service your TV who had touched a TV since 1960 or even 2000? Not likely! Take the time to read all that you can to learn new things and attend training courses and seminars where appropriate. Being an expert is great but it also places the demand on you to remain one! Always remember that even the best experts don’t know everything and probably never will. There is always room for improvement and something new will always come along in the future.

So you know you are an expert. Now it is time to let the world know! By following the activities described above you will be like many others.

A recognised expert in your field!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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18 thoughts on “Position Yourself as an Expert

  1. It is my personal opinion that “expert” status should be decided by the community and not by yourself. Anyone can pretend to be an expert, but only a few people REALLY know what they are on about.

    I suppose it is like this: there are two types of experts… one is also known as a conman.

  2. Hi Shane
    By following the steps in this article you will have to show that you are an expert by the way one posts articles, replies to comments and is generally helpful to all. The public like you say will then decide.
    Thanks for commenting and best wishes with the competition.

  3. This is a great list Roland and I would agree with all of these methods of positioning yourself as an expert; in fact they are ALL things that I tell my clients to do.

    In addition, I also suggest that you do the following:

    * Submit Press Releases – both online and offline – I have had my clients appear on radio, on tv, on industry blogs and on news sites from submitting PRs.

    * Write a book – As Roland eluded to in a previous post, you can quickly and easily put together an ebook – But you’ll also be surprised how inexpensive it is to be a published author these days.

    * Submit videos on You Tube – This is now so easy to do and once again you’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to get a good quality camcorder that will produce a good video.

    * Create a newsletter – Having prospects or clients receive either a physical or electronic newsletter is a great way to increase your authority – and I would bet that most of your competitors are not doing this either.


  4. I was very pleased to be chosen by BBC Wiltshire as a Twitter expert for an interview on their breakfast programme.


    Establishing yourself as an expert takes time. I would concur with Roland, Networking in particular is a great way to establish your position. But you must remember that it is a slow burn and not get frustrated when it doesn’t sink in first time. One of the the maxims I try to live by is one my Mother told me: “slow but steady wins the race”

  5. I have gained a lot of knowledge in my ten years in the travel industry. Do I see myself as an expert? Not really, because the industry moves so fast and it’s such a wide scope of products it’s nearly impossible to keep up to date with everything. But I am honest about what I do know and I try to concentrate on keeping up to date with specialised areas such as Weddings abroad and honeymoons and long haul travel. I attend training courses regularly and sign up for email alerts and social media group updates and more importantly ask what my clients have learnt from their experiences.

  6. Transparency is really essential now because everyone is so burned out from bad business practices from yesteryear. It’s better to admit your faults up front than to let people find them and make a big deal out of them.

    Tell people what your plans are, be genuine and it always pays off.

  7. My advice is to concentrate on excelling and becoming an expert in one area. Identify your speciality, get as much training on that field as possible. Attend trade shows, sign up to newsletters, trade publications and keep up to date with current trends. Remember one important rule. If you don’t know something, ask someone who does. People will generally give you nuggets of wisdom.

  8. A great post and some fantastic comments.

    In my opinon the best way to show you are an expert is by independent testimonials. I don’t mean showing these on your website but on independent sites.

    I often direct potential clients to my testimonials on both 4Networking and LinkedIn. If a customer has told me my service has been good I ask them to post a testimonial. Never be afraid to ask, most people are only too grateful and a nudge in the right direction means it will get done!

  9. Brilliant comment! The word ‘truth’ is often lost in today’s business world but the reality is people want truth and genuineness and those that deliver it will in the long run prosper.

  10. The question is Marc, ‘how do your customers view you?’
    I am sure that they view you as an expert otherwise they would not trust you to arrange their holidays.

  11. Being an expert comes from doing the role/job/task etc well, over and over again, whilst at the same time learning how to do it better/faster/adding value for the customer etc.

    I think the customer decides that you are an expert, but it doesn’t harm to have a bit of self-belief and pride!


  12. Anyone can set themselves up to be an “expert” and the web provides a tremendous opportunity for this. However, I believe to be truly deemed an expert by others you have to have credibility.

    All the good things that Roland has written help to raise your profile which for me is the first step along the road towards achieving credibility.

    The next step involves direct interaction with individuals and it is at this point that you start to build the trust and respect that you do actually know what you are talking or writing about! Only then do you start to gain credibility (or get found out!)

    I don’t believe that testimonials directly confirm any expertise, personally I think they show that you have achieved a level of credibility with another individual and that in turn MAY lead on to a demonstration of your expertise!


  13. Is anyone ever truly an expert unless they are the undisputed top of their field?

    All comes down to perspective at the end of the day, as someone with no knowledge of a subject may see someone with a small amount of knowledge as an expert, compared to them 😉

    But coming back to the original post by Roland, they are all valid points to help show your skills and expertise in an area, to whatever degree that may be.

  14. Being an expert is a good goal. Achieving it is a combination of the subjective and the objective really. I can say I am an expert and people may think I am but am I?

    I have seen and had comments about me and my expertise from others, which are well received of course, but it only someone who really does know that knows. That’s confusing but here is an example – I know about certain areas of law and most people I meet think that, for obvious reasons, but amongst my peers my standing might be different. OK discuss :-0

  15. People will always want to deal with an ‘expert’. If you position yourself as this, justifiably, then there is nothing wrong with it. It can give you the edge you need to secure the business over a competitor.

  16. Great post Roland and a lot of very good and relevant comments.
    Have just looked ‘expert’ up in Wikipedia ” Expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain. An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.”
    I think yes you can be an ‘expert’ but you can still find improvement

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