The Power of Your Network

The Power of Your Network

One of the best things that any one in business can do is build a network. There is real power in a network of contacts. These can be potential customers, suppliers, mentors and advisers. A network allows you access to people that will help you grow your business.

For a network to work best you have to become a person that is know to give or as some say, “pay it forward” and help others. When people get to know you, like you and trust you it will make it easier to do business with them and get referrals. The reverse is true too in that you will also find people that you can trust and give business too.

Take time to build your network

A good network can take time to build and some effort to keep in touch with people. Linkedin is a very powerful online tool for building a network. Simply being a member and building a list of connections is not enough though. You need to work at it by keeping in touch with people and building an on and offline reputation. You can learn how to use Linkedin in the online Social Media Bootcamp.

For offline network there are many network groups around the world that meet regularly and enable you to meet business people from all types of businesses. Joining networking groups is a good way to build a valuable contact list.

Network with those you already know

Don’t forget too to add people that you know from many other sources. This could be old school friends, former work colleagues, sales representatives. If you know that these people could be of benefit to have in your network go back and rebuild your relationship with them. If you don’t know where people are now that you formerly knew try a search on Linkedin and Facebook and see if you can find them and what they are now doing.

Many marketers talk about having an ‘Everyone You Know List’ and this can be a great start to any new business. If you are setting up a business then do that immediately and start finding people that you can help and they in turn can help you.

Be prepared to spend time every week in some kind of networking activity, whether that is attending a networking meeting, going online and getting involved in Linkedin Groups, or Facebook Business Pages, emailing, phoning or contacting your network in other ways.

You will find that with a little effort you will get rewards from the power of your network.


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