Prominent or Significant? What’s the difference?

To be Prominent or Significant?

Many people seek prominence. This desire for prominence is spread across all areas of human activity, business, politics, entertainment, sport, family, religion, charity and more. Now certainly in something like entertainment it can be said that being prominent will draw attention to the entertainer and might get them more work. In today’s world of social media and the ability to broadcast one’s image to potentially millions, a desire for prominence has grown along with the ability to achieve it.

However, in life prominence does not mean that you are significant or important other than perhaps in your own eyes. For example in a company, some people will be very prominent but in reality, the success of the company is built on people who are unknown to most. Non-prominent individuals within companies are doing work that is vital and if they did not do it well or at all, would spell disaster for the company. These non-prominent people are indeed significant.

Prominent people can, in fact, become a distraction and even a danger to the business. A prominent person can say or do things that can suddenly plunge a company into the news for all the wrong reasons. Many readers might remember Gerald Ratner and his infamous after dinner speech that caused his downfall and seriously damaged a business’ reputation to the point of near collapse.

I am sure that you would rather be a significant person in your business and have people working for you that are significant and who make a positive difference.

The question to ask yourself is when it comes to your business is: Are you prominent or significant?


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