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Sency launched a real time search engine for 4 new languages

Recently Twitter had its 10 billionth Tweet. That is a lot of content that has been published on the real time web – and while most Tweets are published in English – there is certainly a lot of Tweets out there in a variety of languages. With that in mind, Sency has recently launched 4 new sites to help internet users get real time content in other languages.

Sency has created a Spanish real time search engine, a French real time search engine, a Italian real time search engine and a German real time search engine. Each of these real time engines make it easier for users to navigate the real time web in these new languages.

As more and more users flock to social networks to post status updates – Sency will continue to help internet users see what’s being said right now through its core search engines as well as these 4 new ones…

The value here is that social networking continues to spread, and while Twitter, for example, is based in San Fran – they have over 50 million users. And with Tweeting becoming more and more mainstream – more people in more countries are going to Tweet. So, the content on the web is endless – and that is where these new real time engines are going to provide value – by helping Spanish, French, German, and Italian speaking internet users see what others are saying – right now – in their respective languages…

The goal of these engines is to help the user to understand the engines in their native language. So, not only will the user be able to see what is being said – the user will also be able to know the tab they are on and also know that there is another tab – if the user wants to look at today’s most popular links for a respective keyword.

These engines will continue to improve as time passes….

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This article has been written by Evan Britton the founder of Sency.


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