Referrals – How can you make them better?


Referrals can be warmed up to be more successful
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I have written before about referrals and how valuable they are in your business. We all know that when a person is referred to you there is a good chance that they will become a customer. However there are ways that you can use to increase the chance of them becoming a customer.

Are the referrals cold?

What do I mean by  cold referrals?

A cold referral is where one of your customers gives you a name, phone number or email address and says that their friend will be interested in knowing more. The problem here is that the friend has not been approached by your customer and they have no knowledge that they have been referred. Statistics show though that even with this cold referral as long as you call and mention who referred them you should have a 15% chance of success. Let’s now see how we can increase that chance from 15%.

What are warm referrals?

Warm referrals is where the person referred to you has been warmed up by your customer. Your customer will have told them that you are calling or they may even beat you to the call and contact you directly. They have probably at least been given your business card and possibly a brochure or other sales material. The chance of success has now risen from 15% to 50%.

The lesson that these figures are telling us is that you need your customers to warm up the referrals. Why not ask your customer if they have spoken to the person that that are referring to you. Are they expecting your call? If not ask them to call them. You could do that if you are with your customer right at that moment. To be able to convert enquiries three fold for the sake of a few phone calls is not bad work!

Always look for ways to get more referrals and make sure that wherever possible they are warmed up ready to go!


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