Sell the Sizzle!

The tile of this post may sound strange!

However there is an important sales principle behind this.

When you sell a product what are actually doing? Are you selling a product or what the product will do?
The saying “it’s the sizzle that sells the bacon” is very true.

Imagine the difference between a packet of wrapped bacon on the supermarket shelf when compared to walking past a cafe with its door open and the sounds and smell of frying bacon (vegetarians please imagine harder!) What is most appealing? In essence the product is the same but now your senses tell you what it is for and how good it is even before you taste it.

When you are selling a product or service work on the sizzle. What can this product or service do for your customer? Give them a taste let them see the sizzle. Create a ‘wow’ factor. Then when they do they will really want to buy from you.


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