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Serious Bloggin’ – no g

Every week on Friday afternoon there is a radio show on BBC Radio 2, Steve Wright in the Afternoon. For part of that show Steve has a section called Serious Jockin’ with a deliberate missed g at the end. Many people call into the show and let Steve what they are doing with the emphasis on missing the letter g from their activity. You will hear such things as serious paintin’ serious drivin’ and serious buildin’ and so on.

This of course has given me the title for this blog post – serious bloggin’.

There has been a lot written about the need to have content on a website to not only create interest but to help it be found on search engines. To be able to build up a good level of visitors to a website certainly takes effort and requires some serious bloggin’.

Serious Bloggin’ – how much time?

How much effort should you put in? The answer is as much as possible. When I started this website I would blog at least 5 times a week and when I did the traffic and search engine results went up. Once I eased off then it does take a genius to note that the results started to fall. However visitors still keep coming along from those early efforts. One thing is certain and that is search engines like to see websites that have fresh content added regularly and so one of the the secrets to blogging success is to keep adding blog posts.

Blogs are also a great way to build a rapport with your readers and so do make sure that you allow comments to be made. It is best to make sure that you set the blog to require comments to be approved. There is a lot of spam in comments and if you use WordPress you can add Akismet to control this. Some will still get through so check where the link goes before you approve any comment. You only want genuine comments written for your post and not done in bulk by someone after lots of backlinks.

Learn how to blog

If you are not blogging yet do take the time to learn how to make it work for you and your business. Many bloggers have turned their blog into a business. If you are looking for help order a copy of Blogging for Dummies today and get started as soon as you can. 

If you have any questions about blogging please ask in the comments section below.


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