Setting Up A Home Office

Setting Up A Home Office

So you have decided to work from home and are setting up a home office. Working from home is a very cost effective way to get your business started and as long as your tenancy agreement or any covenants on your home do not prevent this then it is worth considering.

Setting Up A Home Office – Consider

Setting up a home office
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You must consider your family circumstances before setting up a home office. If you live on your own then this is going to be relatively easy even in a fairly small home. However if you live with others then the space that you use will need to be in a place where you can work relatively undisturbed. Having children can place a strain on the family when someone works from home. Simple everyday things like listening to music or TV may have to be curtailed whilst someone is working at home. It is not very professional to be having a telephone conversation with a TV program being broadcast to the listener on the phone.

It is usually best to have a room set up as an office but if this is not practical then make sure that a corner of another room is your ‘exclusive’ office space. It is possible to buy furniture that can look good in a living room and at the same time be a work station. There are times when you need to get away from work to have some relaxation so a separate room or a place where work can be hidden can be helpful to making sure that you have some downtime from the business.

Setting Up A Home Office – Equipment

For the most part you may well have some equipment that you have been using for personal use such as your computer and printer. When choosing equipment you need to make sure that it will fit in with the space that you have available or at least can be easily stored away if you are using a room for two purposes.

One essential piece of equipment is a comfortable office chair that will enable you to work for long periods and not be tempted to go and find a more comfortable chair elsewhere in your home. Setting up a home office can be done with secondhand equipment so do look around for bargains. There are also many businesses that close down and auctions and specialist sellers of bankrupt business stock can be a good place to find equipment to set up your home office.

Setting up a home office can be fun but remember that this is going to be your place of work and so you need to create an environment that will be conducive to being productive. You may be physically at home but mentally you need to be at work and doing things for your business to succeed. Make sure that you have enough storage space for your files and all those pieces of equipment that build up over time.

Working from your home office can sometimes become lonely and so it would be good to spend some time working with others at a Jelly near you to get some human contact.

Now you have read this article it would be good to hear how you got on setting up a home office.




3 thoughts on “Setting Up A Home Office

  1. Good article with some sensible advice.

    Planning is the key for sure, and when I finally got round to sorting out my office/workspace properly, I did plenty of planning to maximise use of the space.

    It’s also amazing how much more productive I am now I have a space I enjoy being in rather than the dumping ground it was before!

  2. When I started my business I was fortunate enough to have a seperate study at home which I used as my office. What I began to realise was because it was more a study than an office I sometimes found it difficult to get into work mode and I didn’t have the storage I wanted. I made the decision to buy some office furniture and create an office feel.
    I now find this so much more efficient and I really feel I can get on with things. I introduced a white board and notice boards another small desk and storage space for files and was not really expensive to do.
    The result is as my business expands I feel I can cope so much better and when I enter the room I am ready to work.
    It might also be worth mentioning that there are various ways you could claim a home office as an allowable expense. I do.
    Just get in touch if you are not sure how that might work.

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