Simplicity is the Key to Success

Simplicity is the key to success.

Simplicity is the key to successIt seems that the best ideas and inventions are those that have simplicity built in. This does not mean that the product is simple in itself, in fact in could be highly complex. However if it can be simple to operate and understand for the user. If this is achieved then it will turn out to be a winner.

Your business might not involve making or selling products but there is still a need for simplicity. For example how would you describe your business to a potential client? Would they be able to understand quickly and easily what it is that you could do for them?

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Simplicity – How?

Another aspect of simplicity would be to think about the following:

Your website – is it clear and easy to navigate?

Your promotional brochures, leaflets, flyers etc. – is your message clear and understandable?

For someone like a taxi company – is your phone number simple to remember?

There is an almost endless list that we could add above but I hope that this will get you thinking about your business.

Simplicity is certainly something that should be the aim of every business. The problem is often that as people we like to complicate things, so do please remember that simplicity is the key to success.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity is the Key to Success

  1. Hi Roland,

    yes I agree with you thoughts about KISS (keep it simple stupid).

    I think the company that does this well is Apple. There super complex product are designed to be simple and functional.


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