Small Changes – Big Effects

Business - small changes - big effects

Entrepreneurs are often looking for “the one thing” that will make their business successful. Business owners everywhere are searching for the same magic bullet that will revolutionise what they do.

The truth is there is very rarely one thing that will have that big effect that they are hoping for. In the world of sport, the best athletes are continually looking at making many small changes, some are very tiny indeed. I remember when asked why the British cycling team had become successful it was mentioned that the way the cyclists had been trained how to wash their hands had an impact. Yes, you read it right. By washing their hands properly the team caught fewer colds and other illnesses which meant less lost training days and recovery time. A small change but it all added up with the other measures to remarkable results.
In your business, the same principle can be true. Look at the things you do. Where can you do things better, quicker, more precise, give your clients better value and so forth? There will no doubt be many small changes that you can make.

Don’t rest on your laurels

Just as the athletes don’t stop looking for those small improvements it will be necessary for you to do the same in your business. You might find that because we are all human some of the previous changes made have lapsed and people have gone back to their old ways. It will be necessary to continually review your business and make sure that you keep making those small changes and reimplementing any that have been dropped.

Small changes are the way to grow your business and will have a big effect. Be aware though that sometimes even though the changes required can be viewed as small they can be hard to achieve. This is especially true where people are required to do something a little different to what they are used to. People are often resistant to change and you will need to factor this into getting those small changes accomplished.

Wishing you success!

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