Software as a Service

Advantages of software as a service (SaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS) is seen by many as being an increasingly important tool for small businesses. It is a relatively new concept that allows you to ‘consume’ software on a subscription basis, instead of the traditional model of continually purchasing an expensive updated version every few years (in the style of Microsoft Office and others).

There are a number of benefits to be gained from this emerging industry for both small businesses and individual users and this article reveals four of the best reasons for switching to a SaaS solution for your software needs.

1. No Installation Required

The beauty of SaaS is that it does not require you to install anything onto your computer. It will run straight from your browser window when you log into your SaaS service provider’s website. This means you will not have to spend hours sat in front of your computer with a pile of installation CD’s trying to start working with the new software you have purchased! The majority of SaaS is not browser specific and all should work fully with the three major ones (IE, Firefox and Safari).

2. Not Platform Specific

It does not matter whether the computer you are using runs on an Apple Mac OS, Linux or Windows – as long as you are able to use a browser and access the internet then you can use the software. This makes it far easier to switch platforms if you desire.

3. Automatic Upgrades

You will always have the latest version whenever you log in to your SaaS account because there is only ever one version available. Never again will you need to worry about your software becoming obsolete and unsupported by the company you purchased it from. This also means that the SaaS provider is able to quickly make changes within a matter of hours if an error is found in the software.

4. Access Your Data Anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS is the freedom it gives you in terms of when and where you choose to work. All of the data you use within the software is stored on the servers of the SaaS provider– meaning you can log into your account wherever you are in the world and access it instantly. It also ensures that your data is safer than it would be if it was only stored on your home computer.

Hopefully this article has convinced you about the benefits of using SaaS applications in your business. If you wish to try out some and see what you think, I recommend for CRM and marketing purposes or if you want to run your entire business from home.

Original article: Advantages of software as a service (SaaS) – written by SmallBusinessGuru on Factoidz


7 thoughts on “Software as a Service

  1. Hi Fernando.
    That is a good point that you make. People using software as a service need to keep this in mind. A reputable company thought will make provision to make sure that you can access your service 24/7. The slight risk of this is outweighed by other benefits especially for those who are on the move with laptops and netbooks that could easily be stolen or broken and all information on them lost.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Good points all round. As it is now very easy to set up virtual private servers the worry about providing a 24/7 service has lessened a great deal. Several of my clients now have access to their bespoke business admin systems 24/7 and I don’t have the worry of managing my own server to do this! Very cost effective and very reliable. Also very scaleable as well.

  3. I use a SaaS for email marketing. They are great for the reasons you point out above Roland. I am sent emails if the server is going to be down for routine maintenance but this is always performed in the middle of the night.

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