Spotlight On: Adrian Chase of Paper-Chase.Biz – Retail Consultant and Bookkeeper

Adrian Chase Bookkeeper and Retail Guru

Businesses need to keep accounts and a good bookkeeper is a great asset to have.

The economy of many countries is the result of the efforts of many small to medium sized businesses (SME’s). According to UK statistics over 99% of businesses are SME’s.

For many of these businesses there is a constant battle for survival in the ever changing world economy. Cash is King which is a saying that accountants use and the questions for SME’s is: How do we generate sufficient cash? How do we manage our cash flow?

Today for our Spotlight On Feature I am interviewing Adrian Chase of

Adrian as well as being a qualified bookkeeper has over 30 years experience in the retail market having been a key player within a UK national retailer and helping to make the company profitable in a fast moving and highly competitive market. He has now turned his attention to helping small businesses to manage their business cash flow and profitability by offering a service in two areas.


Adrian established Bookkeeping to help any small business with all the financial paper work that can cause stress and takes time away from a business that could be spent on earning money. “Any small business can benefit from a little help with the books” Adrian tells me. I agree with that! Most people in business find the paperwork a necessary evil so any help at all is greatly appreciated. If you need help with your accounts and Adrian as a bookkeeper can certainly help.

What does a bookkeeper do?

The first thing to state is that a bookkeeper is not an accountant. However as a bookkeeper Adrian can prepare your accounts for either the accountant to deal with if a limited company or ready for self assessment for the sole trader that does not wish to use an accountant.

You may well still wish to use the services of an accountant  and accountants do like businesses that use a good bookkeeper because the accountants job is made easier as the business accounts are easier to read and therefore prepare them for tax purposes. This reduces the time the accountant needs to spend on sorting out any problems and will save the business the time that the accountant would charge.

A bookkeeper will also have your books in order so that you will know how much profit or loss you are making and can act quickly if there is likely to be a cash flow problem.

Look for a trained bookkeeper

Virtually anyone could set up as a bookkeeper and so you need to know that your bookkeeper is qualified. Adrian Chase is qualified through The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (AICB Comp) and holds a practice licence (6369) and is fully insured. You can therefore have complete confidence in Adrian as a bookkeeper.

Retail Consultancy

With Adrian’s vast knowledge and experience in this sector any shop owner will benefit from talking to him. Adrian says, “Many shops today are closing not just due to the state of the economy, competition from large out of town stores and the Internet but from a lack of knowledge on how to adapt to the consumers modern needs.”

He adds, “In every high street we see stores boarded up or charity shops filling up empty units that once had thriving businesses there. Most of these businesses have closed not because of a lack of customers in the town but because they failed to adapt and attract customers with things that the large stores cannot do. Small retailers need to compete in a different and unique way rather than endeavour to match the large national retailers.”

I asked Adrian what is it that he does that would make a shop successful. “I look at every aspect of the business. How it is managed, it’s costs, appearance, type of clients, marketing and advertising and more. I have a team of people that I can use to carry out any recommendations that I make, for example, shop fitting and marketing. In addition I have my own bookkeeping company that can get the cash control and accounts under control.”

During our interview I suggested that perhaps he could be likened to Mary Portas who is well known as “Mary Queen of Shops” in a BBC TV series where she helped shop keepers improve and even save their businesses from closure. Adrian grinned and said “Perhaps I should be called “Adrian – King of Shops!”

Adrian’s aim as a consultant to retailers is to maximise sales and profit by using the latest methods to increase sales, reduce costs and build a loyal customer base. Adrian offers an initial consultation by telephone free of charge whether your business is starting up or has been established for some time. He offers nationwide coverage. Call him now – the details are at the end of this feature.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Adrian Chase in our Spotlight On Feature. It was a great pleasure to interview Adrian and tell you something about his business. I am sure that you will benefit by using his services as a bookkeeper and retail consultant.

To contact Adrian Chase for his help as a Bookkeeper or Retail Consultant please phone 01249 463433 or email.