Spotlight On: Emma Windsor – Virtual PA

Every business has administration work and no matter how we try to simplify those tasks they still take up time. Employing assistants can be expensive and there will be times that you are paying staff to do nothing, take holidays and sickness breaks.

Emma WindsorHave you thought about outsourcing your administrative tasks? A Virtual Assistant is the way forward!

We are turning our spotlight on to Emma Windsor an experienced Virtual PA. Previously Emma worked at a senior level for the UK National Health Service, Maitland Consulting and the Japanese Embassy. She has been offering her services to entrepreneurs, consultants and all types of businesses since 2007.

How SME’s Benefit from a Virtual PA

For many small to medium sizes businesses (SME’s) employing people is not an option as many tasks only need to be done on limited occasions or for a few hours each week. This is where a virtual assistant is so helpful. A company can have a virtual assistant on a pay as you go basis. The business then benefits from an experienced helper without the commitment to employing someone with all the responsibilities and costs that come with it. Virtual PA’s are vital to many small businesses and there is a growing army of Virtual PA‘s available.

Choosing a Virtual PA

How do you choose a good Virtual PA? The best way is by recommendation and here at The Entrepreneur Club we are pleased to recommend Emma Windsor.

Emma Windsor lists the following areas that she can help any business with and says if your business need is not on the list – please contact her.

Emma Windsor offers a full range of personal assistant and secretarial services including:

  • Desktop Publishing – Preparation, Production and Distribution of Sales Brochures, Catalogues, Newsletters and Marketing Material
  • Email Marketing – Design, Creation & Circulation
  • Event Management – Organisation and Running
  • Holiday Cover – Flexible Support
  • Media Management – Preparation, Production and Formatting
  • IT Training & Advice – Troubleshooting and Formal Instruction
  • Lifestyle Management – Last Minute Shopping, Travel Arrangements, Personal Diary Management, etc.
  • Office Administration – Organise your Diary, Keep on Top of your Emails
  • Systems and Process Management – Analysis and Development of Office Procedures
  • Website Administration – Initial Set-up and Ongoing Maintenance

By having a virtual assistant working for your business it will free up your time to do what you do best and not spending countless hours dealing with paperwork and other administrative tasks.

For more details about Emma Windsor and how she can help your business please visit her Website

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