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The Juice Factory - Jasper Williams Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Whatever type of business you’re running, you’ll need to market it effectively and a graphic designer is essential.

Your brand or company name is your promise to consumers and the way you communicate your services as well as your beliefs and values will have a direct impact on the businesses success.

Design is very subjective with everyone having an opinion, but should you be creating your own marketing material?

Jasper Williams – Graphic Designer

Today our spotlight falls on Jasper Williams Graphic Designer of Juice Factory, a design company based in Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. Before setting up his own company Jasper was a Design Director at Holmes & Marchant, which at the time was Europe’s largest packaging and brand Identity consultancy where he was responsible for the Unilever Hygiene global account. His company has been trading since 2001, now entering its 10th year it’s going from strength to strength.

Being a business owner at a time when everyone has a PC at home as well as the office, it’s easy to think that you’ll be able to produce a brochure design or branding yourself. Perhaps everyone with a PC thinks that they are a graphic designer!

Jasper mentioned that he despairs at the amount of really bad design that’s out there at the moment – especially DIY websites and flyers! He meets people all the time that are experts in their own field but for some reason they think they can be a graphic designer too; the difference between good design & bad design is that only one of those will have a positive impact on the business. Design needs to be memorable and for all the right reasons! This is why you need a good graphic designer and Jasper will be delighted to discuss your design needs.

The Juice Factory can produce brochures and websites.

Creative Solutions for Print and Web

At Juice Factory they create considered creative solutions for print and the web including, branding, brochures, literature, direct mail, websites and a wide range of marketing collateral for Corporate, SME & Start-up businesses. Their philosophy is to show companies a unique experience of the creative process giving them confidence to promote their business. It’s all about creating the right impression. For example a visually interesting and easy to read brochure design and consistent branding applied to all items of marketing collateral will help develop positive brand awareness leading to more enquiries and ultimately more sales.

3 Things to Remember When Promoting Your Business

Finally we asked Jasper what were the 3 most important things to remember when promoting your business:

  • Have a marketing strategy; every company/business sector is different.
  • Develop a range of marketing material that really works for you
  • Don’t do it yourself – it shows. Use a professional graphic designer

For more details about Jasper and how he can help your business you can telephone 01985 840780 or visit the Juice Factory website

Jasper Williams Graphic Designer and the Juice Factory are awaiting your call!

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