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Sonnet Interiors

Sonnet Interiors shabby chic wardrobe Sonnet Interiors is owned by Wayne and Ben Sonnet and founded in 2009. It really is a family run business with over 20 years experience in the retail industry. Wayne & Ben take pride in producing quality pieces that will grace any home and styles that match modern homes or country dwellings. One off pieces can be commissioned. Working in their rural workshop just inside the Somerset border near Bath Sonnet Interiors are always looking to produce products that can also have a wide variety of uses. Typical of this is the Sonnet Interiors crate. Yes I did say crate!

Sonnet Interiors – Rustic Crate

Sonnet Interiors Crate uses for gardenThis rustic crate designed and made in the rural workshop has multiple uses and maybe you can think of more. They make ideal display units in the home or garden and can be stacked to use as shelving / display units.



Sonnet Interiors Stacked CrateThe stacked crate unit pictured on the right has been a real winner as many shops and pubs love to use them for displaying goods. They make ideal units for farm shops, delicatessens, bakers, butchers, fruit and vegetable merchants and more and they are strong and built to last. In the home use them in your country style kitchen or workshop. Leave them natural or paint / stain them a colour of your choice. This too is another superb product from Sonnet Interiors that can be used in so many ways.


Sonnet Interiors crate as a TV StandWow!
What a stylish TV Stand. Yes once again it is those Sonnet Interiors crates being used in a novel way. They could also be used as Hi-Fi unit to and you are not limited to just using 2 crates you can have more and use longest or shortest side up. Simple but genius!

 Sonnet Interiors – Blanket Boxes

Sonnet Interiors Blanket BoxesWe all need storage space and Sonnet Interiors has produced a really charming and robust blanket box. A choice of colours is available or can be left plain for you to create your own colour with stain or paint. You can really let your creative ability shine on one of these beautiful blanket boxes. Sonnet Interiors blanket boxes will look stylish in any room and give you that extra storage that we all need. There are many other well made and designed products that Wayne & Ben of Sonnet Interiors produce in their rural Somerset workshop.

Sonnet Interiors A BoardThe A-Board looks good outside of shops, restaurants and pubs. This is a stylish way to let passersby know your latest offers and attract them into your premises.


Sonnet Interiors Rustic Coffee tableI just love this rustic coffee table which due to the fact that the top is hinged gives you loads of storage space too. This sits particularly well on wooden floors adding a more stylish charm to your home.

This coffee table really is a good example of the care and design that goes into each product. To see the full product range or order a one off piece please visit the Sonnet Interiors website.


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