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3 Words that can improve your business: Stop Look Listen

Those words have most likely been drilled into you since you were a very small child.

Whenever we want to cross a road we should always Stop, Look and Listen. This is for a good reason as our welfare and very lives are at stake if we don’t.

In business it is also vital that we stop, look and listen.


First stop and make time to think about our businesses.


We then need to look carefully at our business and see where we are headed and what actions we need to take.


We need to listen. What are our customers telling us? Have we listened carefully to our employees and the ideas they have? What sort of problems are they meeting that need our attention? Listen to others that are experts in their field that can help us.

Once we have taken the time to stop look and listen we will be in a better position to act safely and more wisely.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


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