Success: You Can’t Boil an Egg in Cold Water

One of the most basic cookery lessons is ‘how to boil and egg” and I am sure every one knows that you need a pan, a heat source, water and of course an egg.

The tools and ingredients are simple. The longer that you boil the egg the harder it becomes.

What lesson is there for us if we want to become successful in our chosen business, career, sport or any other activity? Success is dependent on a number of factors and of course we need the right mental attitude. However I would like to go back to our boiling egg for a moment. To boil an egg and to get the desired result we need the egg to be surrounded by boiling water. Success will only come if the surrounding water if hot enough.

Find The Right People

In life we are surrounded by people made of family members, friends, colleagues and so forth. When they see you striving to be successful are they like hot or cold water surrounding you? You may tell them that you are going to start a business and if they react with such expressions as “you don’t want to do that, it’s too risky” or “you don’t have the skills” you are probably surrounded by well meaning people but who are like cold water.

If they say, “Great, is there anything I can do to help?” you have found some hot water. To be successful surround yourself with people who are like the hot water that boils an egg. Seek out people who are already successful in their chosen paths and use these to bounce off your ideas and share your goals. Listen to their advice and look to them for support.

Success will come when we  surround ourselves with the right positively minded people and work along with them.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


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