The Best Word to Use to Gain Business

There is one word that businesses have used to great effect to market their products or services.

What is that word?

It is …………


Yes the  word FREE certainly attracts attention and customers. It never seems to fail.

Here are some examples:

  • Buy one get one FREE
  • First lesson FREE
  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE Advice
  • FREE guide / ebook
  • FREE warranty with this product
  • FREE Trial

The list goes on and on and the word FREE can be used and will certainly get attention.

Why not think about your business and find ways to offer something free that will benefit your customers and bring you more business.

What do you think of the word FREE in your marketing and have you found it effective? Please leave your comments below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


8 thoughts on “The Best Word to Use to Gain Business

  1. Whilst I agree to a degree, the word “Free” can also devalue your services too, and so there is a very thin line.

    For example, “Free consultation” can give (and also train) potential clients that your time is not important or valued, and so just voluntarily offering it as “free” is a dangerous precedent. They can come to expect your time to always be free.

    Perhaps a more effective way of doing it (in this example) is to state that a consultation normally costs x amount, but for the first 3 to apply before x deadline it is free – much more powerful.


  2. Simon, you make some very interesting points. I offer clients a free consultation but limit this to 1 hour. I thought this was common practice as the client needs chance to outline their problems and a plan of action worked out together.

  3. Hi Emma,
    It is good that you limit it to one hour and you’re so right, it IS common place which is why I would advise against just ‘giving’ consultations away for free – otherwise you’ll be seen as the same as everyone else and I am sure you don’t want that.
    I suppose what I am trying to say is that even though you’re happy to give free consultations as a lead in to getting prospects interested, it is an idea to create the perception that they’re not always free.
    So for example, you could ‘allocate’ 4 free consultations a month and communicate this to any interested prospects. From my experience, information that has a price or perceived price is considered more valuable than just giving it for free – you;re also ‘training’ them that they cannot just take up your time in the future for free.

  4. Echoing Simon’s point, I do worry the word ‘Free’ may devalue your image and your business. So you need to be careful when you advertise something for free. Like Emma states where you offer something for free is most important. For example I will sometimes advertise free VIP lounge passes if clients confirm their holiday before a certain deadline. The passes will cost me, but I feel the incentive to confirm before a given deadline are a worthy ‘free gift’

  5. Spot on Marc – it should be used to YOUR advantage.
    Lets face it, to use the consultation example again, this takes up YOUR time and so there IS a cost attributed to it, so why not S-P-E-L-L this out to your prospects so that they are aware of the incentive that they are receiving.
    The example Marc gives is a great, creative way of helping clients too, where there again is an obvious cost involved that the client would normally have to pay, but they will get it for free for acting NOW.

  6. All great comments here to a simple but good blog post by Roland.

    It can be easy to give something away for free, but make sure the is a definite benefit for you/your business if someone takes you up on it!


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