The Dean Hunt and Ciaran Doyle Challenge – to appear on the Oprah Show

What a Challenge!

On Saturday November 7th 2009  late in the evening I was listening to a podcast on a blog called Blistering Success. In itself this is a very interesting podcast by one of my favourite bloggers Dean Hunt.
Dean talks about some interesting matters with Ciaran Doyle including Twitter Lists. However one point he made set me thinking! Now don’t say “There’s a first time for everything!”

Dean has set himself a challenge to appear on the Oprah Show with Ciaran. Now here is a show where people like Tom Cruise appear. How can a blogger from the UK  appear on the most major chat show in the USA and probably the world?

The answer. We need to make Dean the most talked about man on Twitter connected with the word Oprah.

Please send this Tweet (once a day if you can!) Copy and paste it:

“I want @DeanHunt and @CiaranDoyle to appear on the @Oprah Winfrey Show!”

Come on folks let’s get tweeting and see how powerful Twitter really can be!

This is a great experiment and could have a great outcome for these 2 fine guys!


11 thoughts on “The Dean Hunt and Ciaran Doyle Challenge – to appear on the Oprah Show

  1. Hi Emma
    The Oprah did not come off. Although of course Oprah has announced her retirement. It did though bring some valuable publicity to the boys. Dean is touring the world speaking about Buzz Marketing!

  2. I’ve read some post of dean hunt. I think he is a bit popular now because of so many people who patronized his blogs. This is the first time I heard a blogger who had been a guest on a famous talk show. Nice post!. XD

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