The Death of The Filing Cabinet

Business is having to adapt and change as new technologies are being invented. To be able to stay ahead of the competition we have to utilise these new ways of working. My name is Roland Millward and I started The Entrepreneur Club website to be able to provide advice and information that will help you to grow your business.

In this video you will notice that I mention that I am now using video not only within my websites but also in email. For a demonstration on how this works please enter your name and email address in the from below.

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8 thoughts on “The Death of The Filing Cabinet

  1. Hi Roland
    Great video. Completely agree that times are changing but however much people go on about paper free offices I think we will always have the filing cabinet.
    I think video emails are great for showing people how to do something but for general information I prefer to read. So many people in business are time-challenged and they need their information quick. By skimming and scanning an article, document they can find what they are looking for easier.
    There are lots of new technologies out there to help support businesses, helping them to become more efficient, but there are also lots of companies making things just to take out money.

  2. Hi Emma. Thank you for your comment. I agree that there will always be some papers even if only for legal reasons. The emails that I am referring to are able to showcase a company for example a promotional video, or an estate agent can send details of a property, a car dealer a video of a car for a customer to see. There are many uses. In fact you have just watched my video! Best wishes and thanks for commenting – Roland

  3. Video won’t replace written text like the computer won’t replace the filing cabinet but there is a need for both in different ways.

    I think that there will be an explosion in video as the Sunami of social media creates new and ever more sophisticated systems to a wider and wider audience.

    I note that only a few years ago many people would not believe that they would be putting all their personal doings all over the internet – then came Facebook. People become more confident and dare I say it more prone to some self promotion and video will be the next step as confidence grows.

    I think video in emails will help make it more accessible and more user friendly for Joe public to use. Its just the beginning and it will become more available in mobile systems as they get more sophisticated and internet speeds increase.

    Imagine being able to send a video message from your mobile/pc instantly without the need to fumble a text sms out. Suits me.

    It has to be the next big thing and I’m practicing my video skills in readiness for some of the future fall out.

    I think its great.


  4. I recently wrote a small article to promote filing cabinets for the home office. whilst i largely agree, i have a small cabinet just to keep invoices and things in a secure place. I can’t see me ever NOT needing something like this…

  5. Hi Matt
    I agree that we will not see the end of physical filing, at least not for a very long time as some paper documents are essential. However many are not. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Best wishes,

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