The Leader Board – what next?

Hi all you competitors in the Entrepreneur Club Competition!

As you can see on the left column you can see the leader board for the top commenter competition. In order to make the competition more interesting and fair to everyone I will be removing the leader board one week before the competition ends so that all you fine commenters will not know where you are in the league! This will prevent someone waiting until midnight on July 31st sneaking a win by watching the list!

Keep commenting everything is still to play for!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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6 thoughts on “The Leader Board – what next?

  1. Hi Glen

    I have several options at the moment and I am finalising which one. So far there could be a 3 question competition. There could also be a competition based on the top 10 commenters would be given a draw ticket per comment so the more comments the more chance of a prize. Possibly both methods may be used! I have 2 donated prizes so far and any more would be welcome!


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