The Power of Thank You

One of the best ways we can really make the world a better place is to say, ‘thank you’ to everyone that we can. Saying thank you to people for a kindness, good service or for anything else where we can has real benefits. There is great power in the words Thank You!

In business as well as life in general this simple act goes a long way in building good relationships with suppliers and customers. People respond to praise and thanking people encourages them to repeat their good actions.

If you are an employer it is reasonable to expect employees to carry out their duties because you are paying them too. However a thank you can do far more than a pay rise! People like to be recognized for their work and a simple thank you can say more than money can.

It is good to get into the habit of thanking people in a genuine way. This can be in person or by sending a thank you letter or card and even an email or text message depending on how you view the action performed. For those of us that use Twitter it is very worthwhile thanking people when they re-tweet (RT) something that we have tweeted. If their act was particularly above the call of duty you might give a gift to them.

I know one salesperson who is extremely successful and one of the things he does is to send a thank you note to all of his customers thanking them for their order. These notes are personalized and not from a standard template.

Why not start from today and see who you can thank for the things they have done for you. You will soon start to see the benefits.

Have you experienced the power of ‘thank you’? Have you been motivated when someone has said ‘thank you’ to you? Please leave your comments below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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