The Real Time Web is Smoking Hot

Of all of the new technologies launched over the past 6 months – the real time web may be the hottest. With the birth of technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace – internet users and posting updates and information every second. This information created loads of data, which has been what has powered the real time web.

At any time, internet users can search a real time search engine, such as Sency, and see what is being said. So, if you want to get the pulse of the public in regards to any person, place, or event – than a real time search will offer you something different. For example, the Saints just won the Super Bowl, and if you search the real time for Saints or Saints win – you will see what people are saying right now about the Saints. This can be a great tools to use when breaking news happens, as traditional search engines often can’t produce this type of information.

So, entrepreneurs should be very aware of what the real time web can offer. There are several tools available for web publishers to implement real time web data into their websites and blogs. Moving forward, this is an industry to watch and track because new tools and resources will be available to help users explore what is happening right now.

This article has kindly been contributed by Evan Britton of Sency

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