Think Twice – Act Once

The only people who donโ€™t make mistakes are dead people!

Yes, all of us make mistakes.

How can we reduce the number of mistakes that we make? One sure way is to take time to think before we act. In this modern world of high speed electronics and instant communication it is all too easy to be rushed in our decision making.

Everyone becomes accustomed to getting a quick decision and this creates pressure on our thinking ability and increases the chance of making mistakes.

Before making any decision take a moment to reflect on what you are about to do. Making quick decisions can cost more time later and expense than if we took a little longer thinking at the outset.

Hence we should have the motto; Think Twice – Act Once.

Have you any experiences about making rash business decisions that you would like to share? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


4 thoughts on “Think Twice – Act Once

  1. “Less haste, more speed”

    “measure twice, cut once”

    This is so true for many aspects of life, not just business. I wonder how many people have a moment of instant regret, fear even, having clicked send on an email!? Before such technology you at least had the time it took to walk to the post box to change your mind!

    For me a good practice if I am preparing a quotation ready to email is that I ALWAYS print out a copy and then WALK AWAY from the PC. I will leave it a little while and then proof read the quote. Only if I am happy with it will I click the send button. Quite often I will spot a typo that I completely missed proof reading on the monitor, or realise that I have missed something.

    So yes Roland “Think Twice – Act Once” is a good motto!

  2. Roland, actually my position is that it’s OK to be wrong (with some exceptions). If you are “right”, that means someone ELSE told you that “you are right”. What does it mean? It means that either it fits his ideas or helpful for his ulterior motives. Either one is bad. When you are “wrong” – typically that means you’re doing something new, which might change the world.

    The only “bad” wrong is when you really try to pull the world backwards. A million people agree on something and it has been proven again and again and again and yet there’s someone who is afraid of changes and tries to pull everybody backward.

    So, probably I should tell that “it’s OK to be wrong while creating something new” ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a famous anecdote about Thomas Edison about “finding 10,000 ways something won’t work”. He was “wrong” 10000 times, he was brilliant at 10,001st attempt!

    Thanks for helping me think about this with your post!

  3. Hi Slava. Thanks for your interesting comment. It certainly is good to admit we are human and that we make mistakes. We do however in business have to be careful about making mistakes as it can cost us a fortune as well as perhaps ruin some peoples lives, depending on the service you provide. Imaging a solicitor not taking time to check that he had not written a clients will correctly? Or a builder incorrectly measuring a wall? The results in some cases can be fixed if they go wrong in others not. Hence my expression “think twice – act once”. It just takes a little time coupled with care to cut out these errors. Best wishes and please keep commenting! Roland

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