Think Without Limits

Each one of us is born with a wonderful brain. Our minds are limitless in the amount of information that it can hold and the potential for creativity is boundless. However as humans we often restrict ourselves or we believe the hype that other people tell us.

I would like to illustrate why we should think without limits in the same way that our mind has no limits.

How do you view your business? Have you set targets to meet? Did you sit down a while ago and decide how much business you wanted to do this month, quarter or year?

Having a goal is a good thing to do in many ways but might there be a problem with a target? Think for a moment. You have 2 weeks left to go on your quarter target and you look at your figures. Wow you have already reached your target! Guess what happens? You now release your foot off the pedal and slow down. Quite likely the decrease in acceleration carries across into the next quarter and reduces your income.

Now as I wrote above, having a goal can be good but it is well known that it is human nature to relax when a goal has been achieved. Businesses are losing out when staff reach their targets and then ease off. Surely the best thing to do is to set rewards and the greater the result the greater the reward without an upper limit.

If you work for yourself and do not employ anyone set yourself a bonus and special reward for attaining certain levels, again without limits. You will then always be striving to get to the next level and not stopping or slowing once a target has been reached.

This type of unlimited thinking is what drives entrepreneurs forward and does not stop them always moving ahead with new ideas and starting new businesses.

So, open your mind don’t put a limit on what you can do.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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3 thoughts on “Think Without Limits

  1. Not having targets, goals or objectives is proven to affect the way that entrepreneurs and small business owners perform. They add direction, relevance and a sense of achievement and determination.
    A good way of implementing this (and something that I do and I find really useful) is to have an accountability partner. This is someone who you can pair up with and call them on a weekly or fortnightly basis, so that you can run through pre-agreed tasks and targets.
    You then run through what your partner has achieved for the given period, and they run through what you have done.
    It can be tough when working on your own, but I find this gives me an added incentive, a purpose and a driver to not want to let anyone down, or indeed be beaten!

  2. I have personal goals rather than business goals. It is much more important to concentrate on your business, certainly if you are in the startup phase. People really can get bogged down with spreadsheets and budgets etc. Just step back and concentrate on getting sales in first.

    When you get that bit larger it becomes more important to cost control, partiularly if you have staff to pay etc.

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