Time for a Kiss

Life can be complicated.

Business can be complicated.

Products can be complicated.

Some things are simple and we can complicate them.

Now is the time for a KISS!

If something is complicated we can still make it easy to understand. This is where KISS comes in. KISS is an acronym and well known amongst sales people for Keep it Simple Stupid.

If you need to explain something whether you are selling or not, look for ways to keep it simple. Good teachers can teach things simply however they do not simplify as that is something very different. People that simplify sound like they are talking to very young children and not adults.

Keep it Simple

To keep it simple, use words that are readily understood by the average person, and avoid scientific and complex words. If you have to use a little known word you must then clarify what it means. Use quite precise and fairly short sentences for the difficult to understand parts and where possible you will find illustrations help whether verbal or pictorial ones. Do not speak too fast and use a variety of speeds when you speak perhaps slowing down at points that need to be carefully considered.

Always look at those to whom you are speaking to make sure they are looking like they understand you and where possible involve your audience so that they are more readily grasping what you say.

Before you pitch your next business idea or go to sell a product make sure that you are prepared to use the KISS principle. Keep it Simple Stupid!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


6 thoughts on “Time for a Kiss

  1. I thought I’d come to a different blog 😉

    Its a great article actually, as an accountant, our industry is rife with people talking technical and using accounting standards etc. I always try to make sure I explain things in the simplest terms without making the client feel daft. It can be a tough skill to learn but very effective, particularly when talking to potential clients.

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