Top 10 Tips for Starting A Business by PAH Accounting

PAH_Accounting_LogoTop tips for starting a business

Below are PAH Accounting’s top ten tips of what to consider when starting your new business.

  1. Consider your business structure – Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company.

  2. Register your business with appropriate authorities such as HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House as soon as you start.

  3. Open a business bank account – Make sure you get a good deal.

  4. Identify working capital needs – speak to someone like Business Link as they may be able to get grant funding.

  5. Get your name out there – Use face to face networking, online forums and online directory resources as cheap ways to help boost the profile of your business.

  6. Buy your domain name – even if you can’t build the website yet get the domain to ensure you have the one you want.

  7. Keep on top of you administration and bookkeeping – Ensure you have a system in place to record transaction or employ someone to do it for you.

  8. Get a file and keep all of your business receipts – ensure this is then used to prepare your accounting records.

  9. Ensure your business is compliant with all regulatory factors – Get in touch with business link or another adviser to see what you need to do.

  10. Speak to an accountant or three – Most offer a free consultation meet, check out a few and work with the one you feel best suits you and your business. You may also pick up some useful information.

A more detailed article has been included on the PAH Accounting blog, feel free to contact PAH Accounting for further information.

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Starting A Business by PAH Accounting

  1. Pleased to say I have done all of those. Thank you for the tips though, very useful and a good starting point for all those new to running a business.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I am glad you had already used similar ideas when setting yourself up. None of it is rocket science but you’d be surprised how many miss out on a few of them!

    Thanks Roland for keeping this particular post promoted, it seems to have been quite popular!


  3. Simple yet effective article here, thank you so much for sharing a wonderful topic with us since lots of people are now looking for business and want to profit from it. A great food for thought! Kudos to you!

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