Tracking Your Advertising Campaigns

Tracking Ads

Tracking Ads - Pocket Video PowerThere is a saying that has been attributed to a number of people that says, “I know that I waste half of my money on advertising but not which half”. Whilst in the past that may have been true there is no excuse today for not knowing how your advertising campaigns are working. Tracking ads is now very simple and cost effective to do. Many companies have used ways to track their advertising campaigns  and yet many more do not. How can you set up ways of tracking ads?

Tracking Ads online

This is probably the easiest form of tracking to do. Each advert you create should have its own link or landing page. You will be able to view the stats to see how many people visit the page and how many follow through on the call to action. If you are using Google or Facebook ads set up several different ads and the landing pages where you send the traffic so that you can monitor the results. Look out for how subtle changes in text can affect the results or which age range or sex are responding to each ad.

Tracking Ads Offline

Offline marketing still plays a very important roll in business and tracking ads with this type of marketing is still quite easy to do. For every campaign that you have set up a tracking telephone number so that you will know from which campaign the caller found you. These numbers are cheap to use and are still directed to your normal land line number. You will have the advantage of being able to see how many people called you from each number and also when and if you missed any calls. Each mailshot, newspaper ad, leaflet drop should all have a unique telephone number.

If you are sending out material that has a form to be completed and returned to you use a code in the corner of the form so you know where it came from and make sure that the results are recorded. For large quantities this could be bar coded. If your paper based material invites people to go to your website to purchase goods give them a discount code that only applies to that particular material. Don’t rely on surveys online as people may often tick where they found you such as Google when really they had a mailshot and got lazy using Google to get the web address.

There is of course the old method that when someone contacts your business you can ask where they found out about you but generally most staff members usually are unreliable in doing this and the customer also may not be exact in their memory recall.

Tracking ads is not just to see if you are wasting money. It can help you see where to spend more. Successful ads can be repeated or the area of distribution widened. However a word of warning – keep tracking ads because what is successful today can soon become tired and will need to be revamped or scrapped at some future point.


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