Training: Who Needs What and Why?

So you might not think you need, or have the time for personal training; you are too busy at work to let staff out.

Could taking a small time out for development make a difference in the bigger scheme? Of course.

For *YOU*, training can be used to boost self confidence, you probably know all you need for a given environment. A new perspective or refresher brings it all to the fore and boosts your
own motivation and self confidence. When you feel confident and
motivated you achieve more and it sends the vibe along the line to your
staff. Resulting in increased performance and profit.

For *STAFF*, training can be used as a reward or as motivation. Something new to experience.

Business training needs arise from any number of places, from new starters, staff promotions, business developments to performance problems. Training needs will also differ with the backgrounds of the
employees to be trained. When your staff feel confident and motivated
they achieve more and it sends the vibe around the business community.
Resulting in increased performance and profit.

START the analysis

*See : Talk : Analyse : Respond : Train*

*See* Observe staff at work,

*Talk* Talk to Line Managers and individuals to get their view on performance, strengths and weaknesses. An outside consultant may be the best option as staff sometimes feel they can talk
more openly.

*Analyse* Use a questionnaire as some staff are not too open about their strengths and weaknesses a questionnaire can be filled in in their own time with no pressure.

*Respond* Take findings and analysis to staff and identify requirements

*Train* Book the training get the motivation get the results.

Lucie Dickens is the Lead adviser at
She has over 10 years experience identifying and providing solutions to business training needs.

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3 thoughts on “Training: Who Needs What and Why?

  1. Training is key. It is difficult to fit in extra training for yourself or your staff I know, but how else can you become the best if you are not updated with the latest methods, services, products or trends?
    Online training is a way to cut down on time and costs. Many courses are free. Why not check websites, trade publications, your local library or council to see what is available?
    Keep training, keep ahead of the game.

  2. Training is massively important in business and I think it should be seen as essential.

    As a qualified accountant we are expected to undertake continuous professional development courses as a requirement of our membership. This sets us apart from non qualified accountants and also means that we really know our stuff.

    In my opinion more regulated industries should be expected to undertaken training to improve the service it gives to clients.

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