Twitter Favorites

Twitter Favorites

Twitter FavoritesA useful feature that Twitter has built in is the ability for you to ‘favorite’ a Tweet. Why should you? Are there any benefits to using this facility? Let’s take a look at how you can be using Twitter Favorites to help you in your business.

Twitter Favorites – as a memo

You might well see Tweets that you just don’t have the time to follow the links. If you favorite that Tweet you can then go to your Favorites later and find it easily to pay more attention. I often do this when I see Tweets on my phone which has a small screen and is not that Internet friendly. Once you have dealt with that Tweet you can un-favorite it and remove it from your list.

Twitter Favorites – to promote your business

Perhaps a customer gives you a testimonial on Twitter or someone simply says something nice about you. When that happens add it to your favorites. Your favorites can be seen by anyone and you can promote your link like this –

Visitors can then read your testimonials are other interesting Tweets that you have saved to your favourite list. The Tweets listed in your Favorites can help to give people an insight into you and your business. With this in mind use your Twitter Favorites to your advantage,



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