Twitter: How to Unfollow Inactive Users

You will probably notice that many of the people that you follow on Twitter have become inactive. Sadly some people die but the vast majority of people that stop tweeting simply have become bored or failed to understand Twitter and ceased to use it.

How can you find out who in your Twitter Following list is no longer tweeting?

One online tool to use is Untweeps that will search for people in your Following list that have not tweeted for 30 days (or longer if you choose). You can then select each individual and unfollow them. Untweeps have been prevented from using a ‘select all’ system as Twitter does not like mass unfollow systems.

It is best to check your Twitter account fairly regularly as you will be amazed how quickly the list will grow of inactive people that you are following. One tip to pass on to you is that when you decide to follow someone check when they last tweeted. If it is a month or so ago they are most likely not worth following and you will only end up removing them from your following list.

You may be asking why worry? Well, when you look at your followers to following numbers how do they compare? It looks much better to have more followers than the number you are following, so why follow people who are not tweeting? Twitter also has limits on how many people you can follow. For example if you follow 2000 people and have less followers you will not be able to follow any more people. This may prevent you from following someone worthwhile and yet in your list are people who are not active.

Set aside time each month to run Untweeps and keep your list up to date.


4 thoughts on “Twitter: How to Unfollow Inactive Users

  1. Hi Phil. There are as far as I am aware no rules in reverse to this. The rule about follower to following is designed to stop people following thousands of people just in the hope of getting followers back. The limits stop this bad practice and allow time for people to manage their accounts properly by creating the desire to be followed. Celebs have no problems as the desire for people to follow them for information rather than simply to be followed back is great.

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