Twitter is Dead

Twitter Bird LogoHave you heard the news?

Twitter is Dead

Has this headline grabbed your attention? Headlines are very powerful as the newspaper industry has long known.

Is Twitter dead? Thankfully I am delighted to tell you that it is very much alive! Please accept my apologies for worrying you. I have issued this headline to show the power that words have and particularly when used in announcements that affect the readers.

Words are very powerful things. They invoke reaction deep within us and in business we need to let people know about our products and often it is our words in the form of headlines that will attract attention.

Those headlines can be at the top of an advertisement, leaflet, blog post, tweet, facebook message and so forth. What we say needs to to targeted to the right audience. “Twitter is dead” works well as a tweet because everyone reading it is using Twitter. However as a headline in a gardening magazine most readers might just think, “So what!”

When we send emails to our list it is no surprise that the number of emails that get opened and read will depend on the headline. With most people now receiving hundreds of emails a week it will be the headline in the email that will make people either open it or delete it. We need to give a lot of thought to what we write in those titles.

The good news is that Twitter is alive and doing well so please relax and enjoy your day. However thank you for reading this article and I would like your thoughts about it, so please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


14 thoughts on “Twitter is Dead

  1. This is a very good point to raise Roland, as many websites/adverts/leaflets etc that I encounter do nothing to capture the readers attention.

    As you’ve pointed out, it is critical for newspapers, and because we’re bombarded with so many messages these days it is so very important to get your reader’s attention, and this starts with the headline.

    In fact if you flick through your local paper or Yellow Pages, you’ll see prime examples of this NOT being done. The headlines of adverts are often simply the name of the business, which in reality no one is interested in. What they’re interested in is what you can do for them, and so having a benefit in the headline is often a good strategy, or as you’ve highlighted extremely well, having something controversial.

  2. You had me there for a moment Roland.

    Subject headlines are so important when attracting the customer or target audience into reading the chosen article/newsletter/email.

    Great piece.

  3. Great illustration! You got my attention. Roland you are absolutely right. I use this strategy a lot with my e-mails. In today’s world of information overload and everyone competing for one’s attention, it’s vital to get a head of the line in order to get yours reader attention. Thanks for the confirmation.

  4. You got me! I’m here commenting because of the headline/announcement!

    Well done Roland. Excellent demonstration!!

    Consortia Marketing Ltd
    “Helping your business improve”

  5. Roland,
    The JOY of twitter is the headline.
    You have expressed that very successfully.
    Well done!
    Isn’t the benefit in learning how.
    I’ve always been wordy. As an old dinasaour Mark Lemezma is coaching me to learn new tricks. Even on Radio 4!
    Did you listen? It wasn’t the headline. IT WAS THE FINISH.
    Do you think that the end is also equally important?
    Or is that the last S in PASS?

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