Twitter: The Value of Re-Tweeting (RT)

Twitter is a wonderful tool for networking and promoting your business.

One of the most successful ways that you can begin to build a bond with other Twitter users is to Re-Tweet (RT) their Tweets. Being helpful to others is a large part of social networking and re-tweeting is seen as being helpful.

Here are some tips on re-tweeting:

1. Only re-tweet when the the tweet is genuinely something that you found interesting.

2. Only re-tweet if you believe that many of your followers will enjoy reading it.

3. Do not re-tweet too often at once. You may well see 5 or 6 tweets worthy of re-tweeting within a short period of time. If so use a tool such as MarketMeTweet, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule the re-tweets over a period of time. You don’t want your followers overloaded at once.

4. Always thank people that re-tweet your tweets.

5. Use the re-tweet buttons on Twitter or your Twitter application so that you don’t have to copy or write out the Tweet yourself.

As you re-tweet over the weeks and months ahead you will notice how people appreciate this and you will find that more people will follow you

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

How have you benefited from re-tweeting? Please leave your comments below.


5 thoughts on “Twitter: The Value of Re-Tweeting (RT)

  1. Re Tweets help promote events and they help find local networking meetings by people re tweeting at different times. More likely to see the event listing throughout any given day. If I test an excellent deal or useful travel snippet, re tweets will get these out to a wider audience.

  2. I love it when someone RT’s my tweets. It feels good to know that someone IS reading your tweets and has found them either helpful or interesting.

    A thank you for RTing is always great!

  3. It is massively beneficial to your own business to be retweeting. It shows that you are aware on Twitter and not just spamming incessantly.

    People actually get to know you from what you retweet!

  4. Retweeting really helps to spread the word about an offer, an event and even an emergency/accident.

    I have seen a few recently where people needed help, and everyone in their circle of friends were retweeting it to their wider circle etc etc and therefore many knew of the predicament and were able to raise the alarm/summon help etc. Great use of social media.

    Also recently, I saw a retweet from someone who had had his car stolen moments before. He was alerting everyone as to where it had been, the time it was stolen, its description and the reg number etc, and for everyone to look out for it being driven around the area. Great!


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