Twitter Tip: Using Hashtags for Business

Twitter fans have developed a whole batch of uses for Hashtags represented by this symbol #. They are ideal for searching for subjects where people have included the hashtag in their tweets. Often they are used during events such as sporting events or TV shows so that people can meet up on Twitter and discuss these together.

The best way to follow a subject is to set up a search column in your Twitter application such as MarketMeTweet, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Those that like Formula One motor racing use #F1 to talk about the race whilst in progress or during races. However I would like to discuss ways that the Hashtag can be used for business.

I am a member of a Business Breakfast Network  4Networking and one of the hashtags that many members use is #4N that allows members to send out tweets with the #4N tag included in the tweet and allows members to see your tweet even if they are not following you right now. Other groups also use hashtags to help members network through Twitter. This is a great boost for business networking because by using the hashtag you can meet people that you would ordinarily have little chance of meeting otherwise.

There are also a couple of useful hashtags for homeworkers to meet up and find others to network with. #elevensestime is set for 11:00 am to have a coffee / tea break and meet up for a chat along with #watercoolermoment for those of us that miss that human contact around the water cooler.

When you see someone using a hashtag that could lead you to a group of potential prospects for your business why not check it out? Don’t go straight in using the group as a ‘selling opportunity’, rather follow true networking principles and let yourself be known to the group and contribute to it and build genuine rapport within that group and let them get to know and trust you.

You might also be able to create a hashtag for your business / brand that you can use to let your customers know about any special offers or events for them to attend. Let your followers know the tag and promote it on your website. Check out that no one else is using it before you do. Hi-jacking won’t be appreciated. Simply use Twitter search to see if anyone is already claiming it.

How do you use hashtags for business? Have you found they work for you? Are there any hashtags that you would like to share with our readers? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


13 thoughts on “Twitter Tip: Using Hashtags for Business

  1. Great guide, Roland! And thanks for the #watercoolermoment mention. @e_nation we use Twitter as a service and the hashtag as a way of putting on live chats for homeworkers, who might feel as though they’re missing out on office banter. Twitter is a great way to feel connected but also do business. And we’ve got some exciting plans to that end. This is a great guide!

  2. Hashtags are a really good way of following certain topics that are of interest to people. I think it is probably worth mentioning that twitter likes to see trending topics. Recently #4N had a campaign to get itself as a trending topic for a day – and it succeeded!

    My favourite hashtag is #fail where you can really moan about poor service!


  3. Interesting to also note that you didn’t mention #ff or #followfriday

    These are common trending topics where you can recommend followers who have been interesting to you. People can then look and see if they should also be following you.

  4. A super guide Roland. We are using the hashtags #Jelly #Chiltern #coworking #Beds #Bucks #Herts to promote our Chiltern Jelly collaborative coworking events in the ‘Three Counties ‘ borders area of the Chiltern Hills.

    Jellys are for freelances, deigners, home workers, small business owners etc who miss the day to day social interaction and collaboration of corporate life. Jelly provides a chance to get out of the home office/work office once in a while and work alongside other like-minded people – a chance to meet, work and share. Did we mention they are free to attend?

    We are holding our first Jelly on 4th August, at FunkBunk in Wing, near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. Anyone interested in coming along can find more informtion on our Chiltern Jelly Blog and on our Eventbrite booking page

  5. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for your comment. The Jellies sound like a great idea and I have seen a video of one in Gloucestershire organized by Howard Moorey. I hope that yours goes well and is the start of many more to come!

  6. I agree with Phil, Follow Friday is one of the only trends I have ever done… VERY popular!

    Hashtags really are a good way of keeping track of things and getting noticed.

  7. I love hashtags and am very pleased to see that #elevensestime is there. I have met a wonderful bunch of people here and through building up relationships I have had some referrals. Of course another favourite of mine is #apple and #mac.
    I also find hashtags useful for queries/solutions. It is great to do a search to see what other people are saying.

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