Twitter Works for Business

Twitter works for business and many people are beginning to see that this is true. Are you using Twitter for Business?

Yesterday a friend of mine Phil Hendy of PAH Accounting related a story of how this week he was watching the Twitter timeline and saw someone asking an accounts question. Within minutes a tweet back resulted in Phil getting a phone call and finding a new customer!

This story is not unique. It is repeated many times per hour of each day in the world of Twitter.

Social Media is a really powerful way to do business but you need to get it right. It is wise to invest a little time in learning how to use it properly. You can learn on-line in The Social Media Bootcamp and very soon you will be like Phil Hendy finding new customers with Twitter.


One thought on “Twitter Works for Business

  1. Indeed Twitter can work, but as with most things it’s about not selling to sell.

    I’m getting more and more results through both Twitter and Facebook, so definitely not an area to ignore

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