Video: Starting Your Own Business – Part One

Starting your own business can be quite a daunting and yet at the same time an exciting thing to do. I hope that you enjoy this video and find the advice helpful.

There are more videos to follow in this series. Please take time to browse through this website too as there are many articles that could help you to succeed in your business.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Starting Your Own Business – Part One

  1. Great tip Roland!

    I never set out in school to be an accountant but kind of fell into. I really enjoy the aspect that I work with a variety of people in different industries, with different interests and from different backgrounds.

    I love my job, some may say that is sad for an accountant, but I hope I exude that enthusiasm in the work that I do!

  2. Too true. You may have an idea based in the environment you may actually hate. Think about what ticks your boxes and turn that into your business. It may sound harder than you think – however, sometimes the big opportunities are staring you right in the face – take a hard good look.


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