Video: Why Do People NOT Start a Business

Many people say they want to start their own business. So ‘Why Don’t They?’

Start Your own Business from Roland Millward on Vimeo.

Please leave your comments on this topic in the box below. What is stopping you from starting a business? If you have started one then how did you overcome any negative thoughts? Tell us your stories here!


14 thoughts on “Video: Why Do People NOT Start a Business

  1. Two reasons spring to mind Roland:

    1) Fear: – People (particularly in the current economic climate) are worried about leaving the ‘security’ of their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).
    2) Their WHY is not strong enough: – Having a powerful ‘why’, a reason to want to do it is absolutely key. It could be independence, spending more time with family, wanting to be captain of your own ship, but the why has to motivate people to want to do it, without it they will not budge.

    Interesting topic this though

  2. When starting my business I spent about 6 months making plans, screwing them up, then writing new plans, screwing them up, etc etc. Then I finally hit on the plan that clicked and went with it.

    2 1/2 yrs down the line, my business is developing in ways I could never of imagined and it’s still fun, still exciting and I’m still learning

  3. Friends and family had almost given up telling me ” You should do this for a living”, after decorating yet another event for free! As a single mum, leaving the security of a paying job just wasn’t a sensible option!
    A bad back injury gave me time to reflect, just how unhappy I was in my current workplace and has finally given me that “push” to have confidence in my creativity!
    It all fits in with one of my philosophies, “things happen for a reason”!
    I agree with Simon, “fear” of losing security and not having the “why” to motivate!

  4. Yes Dan, I have leapt!
    I can say that thanks to a contact made via 4N, my first bunting order was “international”!!!! A wedding in France, very fitting as I made it in a lovely Toile de Jouy fabric.
    A number of events coming up in September and onwards, but lean times until then, so all a bit scary but I “have the faith”!
    Just got a basic one page website at the moment, working on portfolio photos etc

  5. It is a tough decision to go it alone. But remember, if it all goes wrong (not wanting to look on the negative side really, but let’s give hope to some who are too scared to give it a go!), you can always get another job! If a job is what you want.

    What’s the worst that can happen – Give It A Go!!

  6. Because some people think that a ‘business’ is eg Reuters or P&G, and such companies literally fell out the sky. A lot of people don’t realise that a cornershop or a kebab seller is a business, or that most businesses will have started out cornershop-style and then developed into multinationals.

  7. It took my husband 3 years to leave his teaching job and join me – I took the leap of faith 6 years ago. Love the fact that we are now working together and we have grown the business, won national awards and are still learning and growing. Best decision we ever made. We may yet change direction again but it certainly won’t be back to a “job”.

  8. There is obviously the fear factor but sometimes things just push you in that direction. I personally was working for a firm that I didn’t feel met my expectations and standards; however it was attending networking meetings that gave me the confidence to get out there.

    If you are thinking about going solo really get your stall set up in advance – keep the security of employment whilst you just put those little pieces in place part time. Speak to some trusted friends and business contacts – including people on here!

  9. I think some of the fear comes from the fact that, you have to possibly work outside your comfort zone, people are scared of failing, are scared of being rejected.
    Also other people can knock your confidence. I remember my mum saying “why should they listen to you , they are sucessful business men,” this was more about her lack of confidence in herself than in me. She wouldn’t approach the managing director of a company and say
    “I know a way your Christmas event budget can include a marketing tool you can use all year”
    I did and they are really keen, and I am working on my final pitch.

    Starting your own business is a blind leap of faith, you should be aware that before you can fly you may have to fall a few times.

    Don’t worry if that 1st idea doesn’t pan out learn from it and leap again
    Tracey Allen

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