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This week my attention has been drawn to yet another scam that the pond life of this world will stoop to. A 95 year old lady has been bombarded with telephone calls, as many as 3 times a day. The caller who sounds as if they are calling from an Indian call centre claims to represent BT (British Telecom) and offer a service to ban nuisance sales calls. There is of course a free service in the UK called the Telephone Preference Service that genuine UK companies will subscribe to and not call anyone on this list. The caller says that for just £15 they will stop all these nuisance calls. If this was BT (I have checked and it isn’t but they are aware of these calls), BT would add the cost to the monthly phone bill. This caller wants credit or debit card details. Do you think they would just scam £15? No way! They would clean out the card.

This instance serves as reminder to all of us that there are plenty of people out there dreaming up scams and working hard to steal our money or identity. Be very wary of unsolicited emails, letters or phone calls that even claim to be from companies that we have some relationship with. I have lost count of the number of Nigerian princes that have asked for my help or phishing emails claiming to be from banks, Ebay or Paypal.

What scams have you come across that have been particularly devious and hard to detect?

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11 thoughts on “Watch out for Scams

  1. I am a multi billionaire don’t you know!

    I still find it amazing that anyone would fall for these scams; however, it is the 95 year old innocent people that can be tricked. A general rule of thumb should be if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And never give out your bank details to someone you have no real clue as to who they are.

  2. Hi Phil. Most scams appeal to the get rich quick idea and greed. This BT one sounds very plausible as they ask for only £15 to stop sales calls. Of course they will get the card number and bang! You are left broke! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Just had a call from in Asian sounding guy pretending to be from BT. Listened to him for 10 minutes boy was he convincing, he had all my address details, name details.
    Told me he just needed £19.00 to stop all nusiance calls and that it was a one off payment. I told him I would go on the net and investigate and pay taht way as I had not instigated the call. He put the phone down quickly!

  4. Martin
    You made the right choice! Not only would he take your £19 but anything else they could get from you bank!
    Watch out too for the so called we are from Microsoft call. They state thay have received an error report from your pc and that you have a dangerous virus. It’s possibly the same outfit making this scam as well. All they need are your credit card details!

  5. I have had many calls from these jokers, they are very gullible themselves and, if you have ten minutes to waste, will spend time reassuring you that once on the list flesh eating zombies will no longer be able to call, they also seem to like repeating themselves constantly if you mishear them, have fun

  6. BT needs to block ALL incoming calls from india until such time as INDIA’S GOVERMENT takes action, we as British citizens should not have to put up with constant spam and scams coming out of call center’s in India.

    If they cannot police or enforce it themselves, then bar them from calling us completely.

    Currently you cannot track any numbers that have called you from India, and therfor they can, and do abuse this fact regularly.
    (sale call center’s)

    Most recently when i politely asked the operator not to call this number again. They hung up on me without such as a sorry, then called me again 45 min later. and 4 more times that day.

    Subsequently I have contacted BT regarding this matter. Their response was that they could do nothing about it. *(Incompitance of the highest degree) when British Telecomunications cannot manage British Telecomunications. they need to sack the staff and rehire + train some skilled and compitant staff.
    (Not in or from India please.)

    As such it is rediculous that they can dial your number at all. BT needs to take responsibility for this.
    ~Simple as that.

  7. There is a common scam doing the email rounds at the moment which is where people are being told about their tax rebate.
    Always speak to your accountant, or contact HMRC direct if you think you are getting scammed.

  8. This scam is still going on; my 87 year old aunt has admitted she was being bombarded by calls asking her to sign up for ‘a one-off, lifetime payment of only £19.95 ‘ to block nuisance calls. Eventually she gave them her debit card number – and you can guess the rest. Luckily she stopped the card as soon as she saw what was happening to her account, but now they keep calling her saying they want to ‘pay back’ the original £19.95, and asking what other cards she has that they could refund on. Luckily she has now become more savvy and said that she had only the one. They have also requested the number of her passport and were astonished that she did not have one , offering to help her get one ! The women callers all spoke with a foreign accent while ‘Mr Davies’ who rang yesterday, she said sounded cultured. These people are despicable , preying as they do on the elderly and vulnerable

  9. Thanks for your comment. I will promote this to our readers once again as a further warning. These people are not happy to fleece once they come back for the blood and bones as well. I do hope that your aunt is well and none the worse for her experience.

  10. ive been reading up on this happend to my dads business some girl ringing up asking my dad for his bank details

    saying that my dad was debt with bt and the phone line will cut off i looked it up there was actually a woman from walsall who was doing this years ago could it be her again somebody needs to keep an eye on it

    it was on the internet google jaspreet gill

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