Webinars: 10 Ways to Success

Webinars – The Way Forward

How to host  webinars
Roland Millward

The use of webinars is growing every year and those businesses that are not yet holding webinars are missing out. Webinars can generate a great quantity of leads for businesses and raise their profile enormously.

In this post I would like to help you to be successful with webinars.

Webinars – The 10 ways to success

Please read and follow these 10 tips on webinars and you will see webinars being incredibly successful for you and your business.

1.  Choose a good webinar system

There are many webinar systems on the market. Some of them are very good, some very poor. Is the system reliable? Does it have sharing, chat, recording features? How many people can join in on your webinar? These are questions that you need to know the answers to. Some systems are very expensive and you have to pay more for the more users that you have on your webinar.

2. Know what you are doing

When you host webinars they need to look good and so you need to know how the software works and use the various features. You will need to make sure that the presenter has practiced their pitch and some training with this never goes amiss.

3.  Set an appropriate date and time

Webinars can be truly international so you will need to broadcast your webinars at times that are convenient to your viewers and not necessarily you. It’s a good plan to hold at least 2 webinars in a day to allow for the time zones or even the convenience of people in the same time zone. Good times are 10:00am and 2pm for people who would take part during business hours. 8pm is a good time for evenings.

The best days of the week tend to be Tuesday to Thursday and Friday is often regarded as the worst.

4.  Content is King

For your webinars to be truly productive you will need good content. From the very start you need to capture your viewers attention. If they switch off after 10 minutes the damage is done.

You can do this by inviting onto the webinar an industry expert to share some great information. Have some photos, slides and videos that can be used to add interest. The content of the webinar must give the attendee something of value, teach them something new or inspire them in other ways. Keep your presentation moving forward at a steady pace so as not to become boring and don’t make it too long. It is better to have more material for a follow on webinar that spend too long on one.

5.  Presenters must be ready

Make sure that you are in the meeting room before any guest is likely to arrive. Have the webinar ready with a welcome slide and the start time announced. Use the chat box to inform guests that you welcome them and thank them for being ready in time for the start. Use the “Ask a Question Box” to engage with your attendees. Ask them to introduce themselves in the chat box and say where they are from.

6.   Avoid “death by Powerpoint”

Make sure that you do not present a series of slides that you simply read from – a dreadful technique used by lazy or poor quality trainers that has resulted in a hatred of Powerpoint by many people. Your webinars should avoid this at all costs!

7.  Conduct Surveys

Before you consider having a webinar it’s good to have a survey of what the most important topics to cover are. This can apply for any business meeting of course. I have surveyed people from my contacts in Linkedin for example and asked if they were to attend a meeting about X what topics would they prefer covered. You can then give them a list to choose from and ask them to rate them or choose their top 5 or so. You could also have a box to allow them to add a topic t=not listed and see if this generates something that you had not considered.

At the conclusion of your webinar you can survey the attendees whilst online for their feedback so that you can improve future webinars.

8.  Record Your Webinars

By recording your webinar you can firstly watch it back and see where you can make improvements and secondly make it available for those that missed it or would like to watch it again.

9. Follow Up

Send a thank you email to all those that attended the webinar and a note for those that missed it they they will be most welcome to attend the next one. You can if you are making the recording available give them a link to watch it. Keep in touch with this list as it is a valuable resource to build your business.

10.  Always look to improve.

Make sure that you take into account all feedback both good and bad and learn from this. Use it to prepare your next webinar and improve your presentation skills and content.


Webinars – which system should I use?

Holding webinars can be costly unless you use the right system. Check carefully what your requirements are before you commit to buying a system. Some free systems may well be good enough for your needs especially when you first start.

I hope that you will soon be using these top 10 tips on holding webinars in your business and look forward to hearing about your results by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Hello Roland,

    I would love to present my own webinar.
    When I get a few minutes I will sit down and read your training tips. Do you think it would be appropriate to do one about our Self Catering Business?


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