What is Affiliate Marketing?

I am sure that you have seen promises of being able to earn easy money from The Internet through affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? Is it easy money?

Simple defined affiliate marketing is where you are selling a product or service in return for a commission, a percentage of the sale. You will not have to deliver or even know much about the product. In the simplest form affiliate marketing can be simply be a link on your website like a banner or within an email. You will see many websites with links to Amazon and the website will receive a small percentage of anything that you buy from Amazon if you follow the link.

There are companies such as Commission Junction that host many companies and you can apply to have banners on your website for these and receive varying amounts of commission for any sales made. To be successful you will need to market products that your audience are most likely to be interested in. For example if you have a gardening blog select gardening supplies companies and you will get a higher response.

Another large affiliate organizer is Clickbank who have vendors selling digital products for you to market, many of which pay substantial commissions. Many software companies have affiliate schemes so look out for a link often found at the bottom of a company’s web page. A number of products that I use have this option. For example I manage my Twitter account with MarketMeSuite an excellent tool and I recommend it to others. If people buy it as a result I get compensated financially.

Can you get rich quick with affiliate marketing? Well like most things it will take work. The more effort you put in the more you will earn. The effort however needs to be put into building traffic to your website and building an effective email list of customers to market to.

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  1. I have know some people who do very well out of this style of earning. It does take time and commitment but as long as the end product is sound can be profitable. It is especially good with the like of twitter etc. which can be used as a tool to get your message out further.

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