What is Your Shop Window?

Shop Window

All of us from time to time look in a shop window. Retailers use the shop window to entice us into their stores to take a look at what they sell and hopefully encourage us to buy from them.

Good retailers spend a lot time planning their shop window and working out what and how to promote products in it.

Of course not all businesses operate with a literal  shop window in which to place their goods. However all businesses do need a way to promote themselves and so they need an alternative to the shop window.

Alternative Shop Window

Every business should really have a website and so we could say that the landing page of the website has now become the new shop window. Web surfers are very quick to leave a page that does not interest them and so it is essential that the landing page is like a good shop window and attracts them into the rest of the website to look at what is on offer. This applies to all websites not just those that are selling a product from it. Statistics show that you have up to 8 seconds to make sure that your web visitor will stay! Give plenty of thought and time to making sure that your page will achieve your goal and of course be prepared to change it regularly just as shop  keeper  would change the look of their shop window.

The New Shop Window

Today with the power of the Internet there are new ways beyond just having a website to have a shop window for your business. Social media can now be your shop window or at least an additional one. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and others can all give you a presence where people can find you and learn about you, your services and your products and will cost you nothing or little to do.

You should also spend some time each month networking when you will become as a person your own shop window. People will look at you as an individual and so how you present yourself will be key to your success at networking events.

Take time to analyze your business and see how you can promote it more effectively. You will then be able to answer the question:

“What is Your Shop Window like?”


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