What Makes a Good Business Leader?

I thought that in this article I would ask you as one of my readers to express your thoughts and observations on this question rather than me write down my own.

Successful businesses need good leaders and there are many names that probably will spring to your mind of those who have led businesses to great success. Around the world there are thousands of good leaders and perhaps many more poor or bad ones! What is it that makes a good business leader?

What are the main attributes and skills that someone requires to be a good business leader?

Please leave your comments and start a healthy debate on this subject!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


6 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Business Leader?

  1. The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations.
    In my humble opinion a good business leader will show great awareness,endeavour and commitment to the cause.
    Leaders need to be able to delegate, develop, empower and encourage accountability in others.
    Above all the great leaders all had the ability to really motivate people to achieve there business and personal objectives.

  2. A leader in any situation, leads toward a common purpose. Leaders are influencers for the common good.

    They live by strong core values, forged over many years of development.
    They are generally people who will not compromise their beliefs or core values.

    A great leader trains up the next generation so that “Legacy” of the cause/business/charity is guaranteed.

    To become a great leader, one must serve another’s dream for a period…what do I mean?
    During the development phase/s of the good leader, they will serve another good to great leader at some point for some time…

    Finally for me, there is a huge difference between leaders and managers.

  3. Study the life story of The Ghengis Khan. Although he was a ruthless warrior, his leadership skills were second to none.
    Leadership is an art.
    Leadership is being effective.
    Leadership is doing the right things.
    Leaders challenge people to be the best.
    If you think you are a leader take a look behind you and if there is no one there, then you are simply taking a walk.

  4. Leaders must first make sure they are truly efficient and productive, these traits are the foundations that great leadership is built on.
    These are affected by the setting of SMART goals and continuous debriefing to make sure you stay on the path to achieving them.
    Leaders must become the person that everyone else wants to be. This will not happen overnight and it all comes down to having the right attitudes and behaviours to be able to learn the art and then practise it. Education without action is only Edutainment.

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