What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

This is one of the most common questions asked when people are trying to get to the root of why some people are successful in business when others are not.

So what is the answer?

There definitely is no single answer as an entrepreneur needs many qualities to succeed. Perhaps the following is a key list that an entrepreneur will need and if you can see yourself having these qualities then you too can succeed.

Passion A successful entrepreneur must have a passion for his business. Passion is what makes a person work hard and give their all for the business. It is passion that helps promote a business and deliver great customer service. A real love for what you do always helps anyone get the best out of their chosen business or career. This passion can also be linked to the word enthusiasm.

Knowledge An entrepreneur needs knowledge. Knowledge about his business / trade. He needs knowledge about many things within his business so as to control it even where he does not necessarily need to understand everything. For example the Entrepreneur may not know how to build a website but he will need to know how a website should look and know what to ask a web designer to achieve. The entrepreneur realises that he does not know everything and will develop contacts with people that can carry out work that either he can not do or does not have the time to do.

Not afraid to fail Business is all about risk. Not the sort of risk associated with gambling but never the less there is always a risk of failure. This may not be the fault of the entrepreneur but it may be circumstances that simply cause failure. However the entrepreneur will not give up! If they were afraid of failure they would never start a business and it is probably fear of failure that stops most people from becoming successful.

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One thought on “What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

  1. I love this article Roland particularly the part about taking a risk. From a young age I wanted to work for myself and finally took the leap after having a career break to start a family. It was a big risk and the first year was very hard but I had a passion and determination. If people are thinking about starting their own business they need to about what they enjoy the most and ensure they have the knowledge. This can be done through researching and attending courses. This way the risk won’t be so big.

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